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Silk veils are expressive, easy to transport, and can even be worn as a wrap/costume piece.

Veils can be weighted or unweighted to give different effects. I recommend a lightweight silk (5mm) for unweighted veils for optimum float and airiness. Heavier silk, poly-silk, and lamé fabrics are perfect for weighted veils where durability is more important than loft.  

How to use and store your silk veils (both weighted and unweighted): 



Sometimes referred to as “angel wings” because of their half circle shape, flags are a dynamic prop that can be made from a variety of materials from silk to vegan options such as poly-silk, lamé, and chiffon. Flags can also include multiple layers of the same or different types of fabric for a unique effect.

Flags have a channel sewn at the top to put in a dowel or telescoping rod. Dancers are therefore able to fold the flag up for easy transport since the rod is removable. Whenever possible channels are the same material as the flag with a cotton hand hold for longevity. 

How to use and store your silk flags: 



Fans come in so many shapes and sizes! Please view my Instagram for a gallery of silk fan options. Provided below are a guide to fan sizes and shapes:
Edge Shapes:
Stave Sizes
  • Standard
  • Large
  • Stage-sized (mega fan!)

Silk Length 

  • Standard - 40''-50''
  • Large - 50''-60''
  • Xtra Large - 60'' 

How to use and store your silk fans: 



Streamers come in three sizes: single silk, standard, and stage-sized. The difference between the three options is the amount of silk tied onto the rod ranging from one to three pieces of fabric. Silks have finished edges and can be removed from the rod to use for other props such veil poi. 

Thus far I’ve created streamers to mimic the look of water, flames, dusk, and even vampire squid! They are a stunning prop on stage and an absolute delight to flow with. 

How to use and store your silk streamers:


Tips on how to keep your streamers static free: