During the 2020 lockdown, some people learned how to bake bread, others made repairs to their homes - Dulce dyed silk. Creating colorful props for dancers around the world quickly became a consuming passion. In 2022, Dulce decided to pursue prop fabrication full time and Silk Electric was born! 

Since then Silk Electric has continued to grow with many top tier performers choosing to work with Dulce to give their acts a silken sparkle. The self-proclaimed “silk monger to the stars” she loves to work with artists of all kinds to help manifest their visions. 

When not stirring her dyepot, Dulce performs burlesque on stages across the United States as a soloist and with the all Latine troupe, Papaya Magic Cabaret. She holds a Masters in Teaching and while no longer in the K-12 classroom, she continues to teach burlesque and prop manipulation at weekly classes, workshops, and online private lessons. 


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